Commercial HVAC System Design

Our team at Acacia Engineering offers complete commercial HVAC system design solutions:

General Engineering and Design Services

We can design systems to fit your budget. This includes basic single zone systems to sophisticated multi-zone systems combined with air conditioning, internet accessible control systems, and other great features. Our primary services are listed below:

Heat Gain and Heat Loss Engineering Calculations

Heat gain / loss calculations ensure that a mechanical system is tailored to the requirements of each zone in a building. Complete heat loss and heat gain calculations are required for all heating and cooling distribution system designs. These calculations provide the information required for the optimal sizing mechanical system for your specific project’s scope and budget.

Complete Forced Air Ducted System Design

Used with a heat gain / loss calculation, a complete forced air ducted system design will size a system so that each room will not only get the precise heating and cooling required, but will also do so quietly. Properly sizing the forced air system also helps to ensue you aren’t wasting your money on equipment that has more capacity than you need or wasting your space by installing ductwork larger than required.

An Acacia Engineering Forced Air System design includes:

  • Design of ducting system to ensure adequate heating and cooling will reach all areas of the house quietly and with the least amount of space and material.
  • Correct sizing of fans and mechanical equipment to meet heating / cooling loads.
  • Design features and accurate duct sizing to ensure quiet operation.
  • Potential for future expansion as required.


Hydronic and Hybrid Mechanical System Design

Acacia Engineering offers hybrid mechanical system designs that tie hydronic heating into domestic hot water, or are standalone.

Hydronic systems provide the ultimate in comfort, but only if they are designed properly: poorly designed hydronic systems lead to uncomfortable temperature swings for the occupants as well as reduced energy efficiency.

Properly designed and installed hydronic mechanical systems provide improved comfort, easy controllability, and efficient energy performance over other conventional systems. When hydronic systems are combined with forced air, buildings achieve air-conditioning, zoned heating control, filtration and humidity control.

We can design a hydronic system to fit your project’s needs for maximum value and performance, and it can also be included as an all-building HVAC design. We can also design snow and ice melt systems. Acacia Engineering designed hydronic and hybrid mechanical systems provide the ultimate in energy efficiency and building comfort.

Building and Mechanical Ventilation Design

Our building and mechanical ventilation design will determine the most appropriate ventilation levels for optimal air quality, moisture control, and energy efficiency. We can design your building’s ventilation system with proper controls and energy saving options such as energy recovery systems and economizers to reduce operating costs.