Our Projects


We design systems to fit your budget. This includes basic single zone systems to sophisticated multi-zone systems combines with air-conditioning, internet accessible control systems, and other great features.


We have completed projects for schools, nursing homes, and medical centres.


We have been instrumental in designing HVAC systems for the construction and oil and gas industries for their production, assembly, fabrication and storage facilities.

Problem Solving

Supporting our clients and industry partners to find an economical solution to problems such as undersized systems, oversized systems, uneven heating or cooling air distribution.


Understanding the limited availability of space in multi-family residences, our designs incorporate new and advanced technologies to provide compact and efficient heating, ventilation and plumbing systems.

Single Family Residential

Our single-family residential projects include the design of hydronic in-floor heating, pool ventilation systems, high velocity heating and cooling systems, HRV systems, energy modelling

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