Energy Efficiency Alberta launches Home Energy Plan Rebate program for a variety of energy-efficient upgrades, including, but not limited to, insulation, windows, water heating, furnaces, home heating, etc. Additionally, you can qualify for a bonus rebate of $1,000 if you complete three or more upgrades that result in a minimum of 3GJ of energy savings each, within 18 months of completing your home energy evaluation.

How to participate:

  1. Contact us to schedule your EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation. A rebate of $300 will be applied directly to the cost of your EnerGuide evaluation.
  2. We will assess the energy performance of your home. Our in-home consultation includes a complete review of the building envelope, mechanical systems, a blower door test to determine the location of major air leakage areas and energy modeling of all components to determine the energy efficiency of your home and which energy-efficient upgrades will work best for you and your budget.
  3. You will receive a custom report that includes your home’s current energy consumption and rating, recommended upgrades and applicable rebates two to three weeks after the date of the evaluation.  
  4. You can choose to complete the recommended renovations with a registered contractor or on your own. If completing custom upgrades or do-it-yourself projects, a post-upgrade Energy Evaluation is required to determine the energy savings you have achieved.

The following upgrades qualify for rebates:

Common upgrades: 

  • Insulation
  • ENERGY STAR windows

Custom upgrades:

  • Combined space and water heating systems
  • Solar hot water heating
  • Ground source heat pumps

Bonus Offer:

Qualify for a $1,000 bonus rebate when you complete three or more eligible upgrades that result in a minimum of 3GJ of energy savings within eighteen months of completing your EnerGuide evaluations. 

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Contact us to book your evaluation.